How to store your veggies

There are many different ways to store your greens and no one way works for everyone.  My way is what I call, The Quick Use Way!  These are things I will be using in recipes daily or are scraps to use in other dishes.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll start there and save you some reading!

photo 2
All of my “leftovers” go in a glass pyrex container with a secure lid.  If you do any smoothie making, this is a great opportunity to save fruit and veggie parts that you would otherwise discard from a vegetable platter.

*Tip: If you buy veggies to snack on, pre-chop them as soon as you get home for easy grabbing.

I have our pre-chopped celery in another container filled with water so they last longer (this one does not need a lid).  Then the tops and bottoms go into the leftover container for easy-grab smoothie use and Voila!  No waste!

Storing Herbs: One of my favorite gals, Elizabeth Rider, shows you how to store your stemmed greens like herbs and scallions in this great video.

It really is that simple!  Have fun!


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