How to “Coupon” at your comfort level


I have and will always be a fan of saving a dollar, but when the Holidays come around it becomes a mission!  It sounds normal, because of Black Friday Sales, Pre-Sales, Post Sales and Cyber Monday, but I even begin picking up the Sunday paper to clip those grocery coupons!  It becomes a sport and it takes some time to re-condition my brain to think like a coupon-er!

Thankfully, there are those that spend the entire year finding these deals and make it totally possible to pick-up where I left off! (Shout-out to the Krazy Coupon Ladies!)

For those of you, who like me are just getting back into it, here is the must know information!

Tip 1:  Find your level of commitment.

Are you going to hit every local grocery store and Pharmacy to find the best deals or do you want the best deals for you at your top 3 most frequented spots?  The first option requires a lot of time, organization and a hefty coupon binder.  It is also the option that forgoes product preference in exchange for an amazing deal on something you wouldn’t typically purchase.  The second option will be less time consuming and ensure that you are only buying what you and your family need and use, but may not result in quite as many deals.  This allows allows for a much smaller coupon binder.

The good news is that both options are great money savers, but with different trade-offs to fit your lifestyle.  Having done both, I can honestly say that if your commitment is not dependent on your available time and the needs of your life-style, it will not last!

Tip 2: Get Organized.

Your commitment level will determine how you should organize your binder.  I went from a fully stocked, save every coupon binder to a mini accordion filing system.  I did this for two reasons. 1) I started clipping coupons ONLY for things that I use in my every day to day, so I no longer needed a huge notebook.  2) It fits in my purse, so I always have it on hand in the grocery store and at retail stores.  How many times have you been shopping at Kohls (or any other retailer) and realized that there is a $5 off coupon sitting on your dining room table?  Not anymore, it’s “in the bag”!

For more info on a “save every coupon” storage system, see this awesome video:

Tip 3: Download your apps.

So far, the most useful apps I have found are:

And a few rebate apps I’m just getting the hang of:

NOTE: Check your rebates on your desktop computer before you go for a larger viewing experience.  The app will be there with you if you think of something on the go!

Good luck, Happy Holidays and Many Merry Savings!